Amber Wallace Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Amber Wallace, RN, patient care coordinator at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Amber was recognized as a Service Hero for the extra care she provided that allowed a patient to go home in a timely manner.

Recently, a patient was admitted with a lower extremity fracture, which was going to be treated in outpatient. However, the patient also had an upper extremity condition that prevented the use of crutches. The care team decided to admit the patient to observation while the family secured a wheelchair.

Amber was told about the plan, and that the patient and the family were not pleased with the thought of being admitted. Within 45 minutes and after business hours, a medical device rep arrived with a wheelchair.

Not only did we save the patient an admission to the hospital with all the risks of infection (especially in light of the pandemic), but the patient and their family were thrilled that they could get the patient back home.

This example is only one of several I can think of that demonstrates the excellent care Amber delivers and what a wonderful member of our team she is. Amber is a consistently excellent charge nurse who works hard, has a positive attitude and frequently helps trouble shoot difficult situations.