See the Full List of Winners from the PCA / Coworker Survey Prize Drawing

Thanks to all our coworkers who have participated in the PCA / Coworker Survey! The survey began May 6 and coworkers who completed the survey the first week were entered into a drawing to win prizes.

The winners of Day 6’s prize, season passes to Magic Springs, are:

  • Celeste Turner, Infirmary
  • Dan Melendez, Hot Springs
  • Mike Stephens, North
  • Leslie Johnson, Morrilton
  • Crystal Hefley, Medical Group
  • DJ Burrows, Heart Institute

The winners of Day 5’s prize, a Wireless Headset, are:

  • Arty Hughes, Infirmary
  • Doreen Harris, Hot Springs
  • Carol Simmons, North
  • Rebecca Ellis, Morrilton
  • Johnnie Spencer, Medical Group
  • Taylor Crow, Heart Institute

The winners of Day 4’s prize, an Amazon Echo, are:

  • Candace Johnson, Infirmary
  • Kim Gray, Hot Springs
  • Ebonie Toney, North
  • Christy Turley, Morrilton
  • Danna Hudson, Medical Group
  • Kelly Braswell, Heart Institute

The winners of Day 3’s prize, a Bose Bluetooth Speaker, are:

  • Katie Stringer, Infirmary
  • Carol Brady, Hot Springs
  • Bailey Lorenzen, North
  • Laura Grumbles, Morrilton
  • Beverly Tedford, Medical Group
  • Joan Atchison, Heart Institute

The winners of Day 2’s prize, a Kindle Paperwhite e-Reader, are:

  • Gary Hobby, Infirmary
  • Katherine Rynders, Hot Springs
  • Latonya Slaughter, North
  • Michelle Conner, Morrilton
  • Jillian Boxer, Medical Group
  • Brenna Jordan, Heart Institute

The winners of Day 1’s prize, a Fitbit Versa, are:

  • Foy Bradford, Infirmary
  • Desiree Roby, Hot Springs
  • Seth Newton, North
  • Steve Stroud, Morrilton
  • Mary Lemons, Medical Group
  • Ashley Baker, Heart Institute

Prize winners: Reach out to your HR representative to pick up your prize.