Dr. Peter Post, Joseph Post and Bryan Simmons Recognized as Service Heroes

Dr. Peter Post, Joseph Post and Brian Simmons have been named Service Heroes at Morrilton for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

A man and his wife were brought to the hospital with all their personal belongings. They lived in a mobile home without a front door and feared their belongings would be stolen if left behind. A bed sheet hung over the mobile home’s opening to block the cold. They had no heat, food or running water, and they were without family or friends to help. Multiple homeless shelters was contacted and unable to assist the couple. After exhausting all resources, the staff reached out to the Chaplain Bryan Simmons, who contacted Dr. Peter Post and his brother, Joseph. The brothers provided money for a hotel room and food for the night, and the chaplain gave the couple a Bible. The couple was very appreciative for their blessing. Dr. Peter Post, Joseph Post and Bryan Simmons were recognized for their kind and giving hearts.