Hot Springs Team Members Recognized with Service Hero

Hot Springs team members Carrie Dalrymple, RN; Dan Frazier, CRNA; Chris Hoover, RN; Paxton Keith, RN; Barbara Moore, RN; and Dr. Dustin Tubre were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

The team was nominated for the collaboration they showed in caring for a critically ill patient.

A post-operative patient began having a series of complications–including difficulty swallowing, swelling in the neck and loss of voice to a whisper–which rapidly progressed to an airway crisis.

The patient’s nurse quickly identified these issues and promptly began to notify the necessary team members to provide the care this patient needed. The surgeon quickly arrived at the patient’s bedside and immediately took action to treat the patient; members of the OR crew also responded to the bedside as a result of this nurse’s call for assistance. 

The patient was timely intubated and then taken to the OR for procedure completion. These quick actions positively changed this patient’s outcome.