Hot Springs Team Recognized as Service Heroes

Congratulations to the Care Coordination and Hospitalist Team at CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs for being presented with a service hero award!

Dr. Thomas Hollis, Jr., Dr. Ashley Jenkins, Dr. Shauna Lucas, Dr. John M. Bouldin and the entire case management team were nominated by coworkers for this award.

The team was described as having an immense impact on patient care, safety and safe discharges, throughput, compliance and finances. They’re considered “behind the scenes” heroes. They work tirelessly for justice and equalities, and advocate for those who cannot make their own decisions.

This physician team has been instrumental in building the utilization review processes and provided the foundation for the physician advisor program. They are considered a blessing to our patients, healthcare team, and to each other!

“Without their dedication, tenacity, and willingness to try new things within this changing world of healthcare, we would not be where we are today in the ability to get so many denials overturned!”