Janie Elliott Recognized as Morrilton Service Hero

Janie Elliott, LPN and PCMH Care Coordinator, was recognized as a Service Hero in Morrilton for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Janie was nominated by a coworker for love and dedication she shows to her coworkers.

“Have you ever had one of those coworkers who you just know you can’t do without? And you know if they leave you will need three people just to replace what they do? I have one of those coworkers, Janie Elliott.”

The nomination praised Janie’s ability to do “just about anything you need done and never complain about anything. She works at everything she does 110% but one of our favorite things about Janie here at the clinic is how much she cares about each and every one of her coworkers.”

Janie has a gift for remembering every special occasion with a treat for her coworkers. “Every birthday, anniversary, holiday, baby shower, house warming, you name it. She doesn’t miss one. Today was National Sugar Cookie Day, and she remembered that one, too! She remembers everyone’s favorites and makes sure all allergies are addressed so everyone gets cake. Janie deserves an award and maybe a slice of cake!”