Jeri Lyn Crain Recognized as Hot Springs Service Hero

Jeri Lyn Crain, a RN in MICU in Hot Springs, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Jeri Lyn was nominated by the daughter of a recent patient who wrote that Jeri Lyn’s compassion for patients is so evident, she should wear a neon sign that says, “Best Nurse.”

The patient’s daughter said she went “over and beyond her job so many times.” Jeri Lynn got the patient’s wife a recliner chair and warm blanket and comforted her when she was overcome with emotion. She brought the woman down to the cafeteria where her daughters were and sat with the family, holding their hands while they cried.

“This is the hardest time in our lives, and she was there. I believe God puts angels in our paths to get through the bad times. And she was our angel.”