Nicole Dobbins is a Hot Springs Service Hero

Congratulations Nicole Dobbins, EVS, for being named a service hero for CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs!

Nicole was nominated twice! Both a patient family member and coworker felt she deserved the recognition for her hard work and kindness.

“This individual has a shining spirit!  She even prayed for my husband! We couldn’t have received anything better than this young lady’s presence in our room.  She came in to clean and we received so much more,” said the patient’s family member.

The coworker said they went to borrow a mop to use in their unit’s breakroom, but Nicole insisted on going and cleaning the area. The coworker said she went to the breakroom and cheerfully cleaned the floor of that unit.

“In my opinion, she went far above and beyond the call of duty today.  I wanted to make sure that she is thanked properly and knows she is appreciated,” said the coworker.

“She came in to clean and we received so much more!”