Prenatal Coaching (Earning Opportunity)

Prenatal coaching provides support to promote healthy pregnancy and birth outcomes.

Women 18 years of age and older whose due date is greater than twelve weeks at the time of enrollment are eligible for the program.

The coaches in the prenatal coaching program are Registered Nurses with prior obstetrical experience. Prenatal coaching takes place over the phone, with support through secure email follow up, wellness website tools and resources.

Prenatal coaching session are private and confidential. It’s easy to get started, just call 833-721-4094.*

Special Note: The Prenatal Coaching program is not a part of the Wellness program, therefore the $150 incentive is paid in addition to any wellness incentive dollars earned through the Wellness Program.

*You will need to log into the wellness website before scheduling an appointment by phone. Eligible dependents should schedule their appointment by phone to participate in the prenatal coaching program.