Rachel Kinney, RN Named Daisy Award Winner in Hot Springs

Often times it’s the little things that make a big difference. While far too often the little things escape us, noticing the “little change” in her patient’s condition and taking the appropriate action is one reason Rachel Kinney, RN was named the Daisy Award Winner in Hot Springs for January 2018.

She recognized a small change in the patient’s condition. After consulting with her charge nurse and respiratory staff, the doctor was paged and tests were ordered. The patient’s condition continued to become worse and test results showed the patient had a cardiac arrest. With very early recognition of these signs, the patient was treated and moved to a floor to receive more appropriate care. Without her recognition of her patient’s change in condition, the patient’s outcome could have been much more serious and severe.

The DAISY Award was established by the DAISY Foundation in memory of J. Patrick Barnes who died at 33 of ITP, an auto-immune disease. The Barnes Family was awestruck by the clinical skills, caring and compassion of the nurses who cared for Patrick, so they created this national award to say thank you to nurses everywhere.