Seth Hannahs Recognized as Infirmary Service Hero

Seth Hannahs, a tech in the Infirmary’s Emergency Department, was recognized as a Service Hero for the displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Seth was nominated by the attending physician because of his willingness to help out during an exceptionally busy night in the ED.

Bed assignments were given out for eight patients to move upstairs but the rooms were still dirty, and there was only one housekeeper in the hospital at the time. The patients has been waiting in the ED between six and 20+ hours, and it was important to get them in a room as soon as possible.

“Seth immediately created a list of all eight beds and went upstairs to begin cleaning rooms. He stripped linens and dramatically increased the cleaning time. This allowed all the patients to be transported to their beds hours sooner than if we had waited. In my 17 years of practice, I have rarely witnessed the level of service excellence as I did with Seth.”