Thomas Adams Recognized as Hot Springs Service Hero

Thomas Adams, who works the front desk temperature station in Hot Springs, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Thomas was nominated by several coworkers who praised his warm personality.

“His positive attitude and enthusiasm sets the tone for the day. He embodies the core values of our ministry, and it is so refreshing to be greeted by him each day. He remembers each coworker and greets them by name, which shows he truly cares about those he works with and this community. He really deserves recognition for going above and beyond.”

Another person who nominated Thomas praised the kindness he shows toward visitors.

“Recently, on my way to a meeting, he was greeting and checking in visitors. Although it was not quite time for visitation, the visitor, who was Hispanic, headed to the elevator. Thomas began speaking in Spanish to the gentleman, explaining visitation hours and the visitation process.”