Little Rock Air Force Base Aviators Plan Fly Over to Show Thanks

In a show of national solidarity for our frontline caregivers, Little Rock Air Force Base aviators will fly over our hospitals on Friday, May 8 beginning around 2pm.

America Strong is unified salute to ALL OF YOU from the United States Navy and U.S. Air Force. This flyover represents the strength of our country, and is a symbol of the heroism you show each and every day.

The flight demonstration will begin at each of our facilities at the following times:

  • 2:15pm at Morrilton
  • 2:22pm at Hot Springs
  • 2:58pm at the Infirmary
  • 3:29pm at North

We are adhering to social distancing guidelines as we encourage our frontline workers to observe the fly over.

Take a few minutes to go outside to look up at the sky or look out the window and enjoy a salute to YOU for your hard work.