Earn Cash Now in the 2020 Wellness Program

The 2020 wellness program has launched, and you have the opportunity to earn $450 through a variety of programs. In 2020, all benefits-eligible employees as well as medical–plan enrolled spouses may participate in the Wellness Program.

You can earn wellness cash from Jan. 13 to  Sept. 30, 2020. Redeem earned money from Jan. 13 to Oct. 31, 2020. You choose how you want to receive your wellness cash through a health account contributions (for participants that are enrolled in a CHI Medical Plan) or gift cards (*Gift cards are considered taxable income)

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How do I earn Wellness Dollars in the 2020 Well-being Program?

Earn $20 When You:

  • Track steps all weeks of a challenge
  • Volunteer activity
  • Lifestyle coaching (telephonic)
  • Webinars

Earn $30 When You:

  • Take 7,000 steps 20 days in a calendar month
  • Track calories 20 days in a calendar month
  • Track sleep 20 days in a calendar month
  • Achieve ideal or improved body mass index
  • Achieve ideal or improved blood pressure
  • Take 196,000 steps during a challenge
  • Complete one journey

Earn $50 When You:

  • Take Heart and lifestyle survey
  • Complete Biometric screening
  • Complete Preventive screening