4E Med Surg Team Recognized as Hot Springs Service Heroes

The 4E Medical Surgical team members in Hot Springs were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

The team was recognized for the care they provided to a patient who was sent to their unit for extended observation after surgery. The patient, who only spoke Spanish, was experiencing post-op bleeding and scared to be in the hospital.

During day shift, the patient’s nurse consistently updated the doctor, monitoring his vital signs closely.

During the night shift, the patient became hypotensive and Rapid Response was called. A tech who spoke Spanish translated information and talked to him to keep him awake until RRT arrived. His doctor also came to his bedside and immediately called the surgical team in for emergent repair.

The house supervisor, the doctor and the staff worked together flawlessly to make sure the patient was taken care of quickly. Because of the team’s actions, the patient received a mass transfusion. Though the floor is always busy, the nurses, techs and administration, work together to create a safe environment, giving the patients a great outcome.