Auxiliary Celebrates Volunteers During Christmas Luncheon

Infirmary and North auxiliary members recognized volunteers during their annual Christmas Luncheon.

Auxiliary member-at-large Wendy Saer announced that the volunteers worked more than 22,700 hours in 2019. If the hospital had to pay for these hours, it would be worth more than $677,160.

The Auxiliary also distributed checks to the many hospital initiatives they have raised money for throughout the year, including North Rehab, Nursing Scholarships and New Outlook.

Awards were presented to the following Auxiliary members:

  • Anita Brewer received The Herbert and Ida Besser Award
  • Lucinda Croll received The Joan B. Wilson Hospitality Award
  • Karen Baldridge received The Wendy Saer Award
  • Dorothy Bailey received The Thelma Marsh Award

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Service Award Recipients Were:

500 Hours
Teresa Barron, Ronald Clesi, Lucinda Croll, Faith McLaughlin, Russell Spiess, Katlyn Turner and Rebecca Webb

1,000 Hours
Dorothy Bailey, Paula Long, Holly Garison and Kimberly Moorehead

2,000 Hours
Martin Roy, Virginia Roy and Jane Daunhauer

3,000 Hours
Sharon Greene and Maureen Johnson

5,000 Hours
Jan Gardner

6,000 Hours
Frances DeLeuil

7,000 Hours
Judi Minicozzi

9,000 Hours
Gerry Goffart

12,000 Hours
Anita Brewer

18,000 Hours
Edith Bowman