Calvary Cemetery Baby Area Rededicated

In 2005 Fr. Leo Reidmueller began the process of creating grave sites for babies born too soon for viability (20 weeks gestation). He indicated that he would be willing to designate an area in Calvary Cemetery for these babies, upon approval from their parents, regardless of the family’s religious denomination. In 2006, Fr. Eric Pohlmeier, new pastor at St. Mary’s parish, and the board accepted the proposal to designate such an area and collaboration between St. Mary’s parish and Hot Springs began to create the burial site. Babies are buried in group graves with a graveside service and prayers offered by Deacon Bill, Fr. George or Sister Teresa.

Many parents of the babies buried at the site have expressed their gratitude and indicated it brought comfort, peace and assisted in their acceptance of their child’s death.

Due to the deterioration of the temporary markers and their continual replacement, Fr. George proposed to update the site with permanent marble markers containing Scripture verses. The project was completed in 2017 and blessed on Friday, December 8, 2017.