CHI St. Vincent Donates Medical Supplies to National Park College Students

Pictured (L to R): Jacklyn Patino, Janet Smith, Janice Ivers, Jennifer Abbott

CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs recently donated some medical supplies to National Park College’s Nursing and Health Sciences.

Among the disposable items donated included 3,450 IV catheters, 2,580 tuberculin syringes, six boxes of gel pads, and five boxes of sterile wound dressings.

These supplies will allow students to have the hands-on practice they need to develop and refine their skills. NPC said this support has made a significant impact on the quality of training for their students in nursing and EMS programs.

“Your dedication to fostering excellence in healthcare education is evident, and we are truly fortunate to have CHI St. Vincent as a steadfast partner in our mission,” said Janice Ivers, Dean of Nursing and Health Sciences.