Critical Cybersecurity Alert: Potential Text Scam Directed Toward CommonSpirit Employees

Please beware of suspicious text messages, phone calls or emails that appear to come from CommonSpirit Health’s CEO and/or other executives.

CommonSpirit Cybersecurity has received multiple reports from employees who have received a suspicious text message asking that they help purchase and transfer funds via gift cards. Scams can be sent through a spoofed ID, so the name and phone number look like it’s coming from a trustworthy source.


  • If you receive any text message, phone call or email from a CommonSpirit employee that seems odd, out of context or is an unusual request, please report it to Cybersecurity:
    • Suspicious text/phone call – report it here.
    • Suspicious email – report it using the Phish Alarm button in Gmail (right-side toolbar).
  • Even if you feel the message could be true, please verify if the sender and request are legitimate.
  • Never share your personal information or credentials.
  • Please be advised that CommonSpirit executives will never ask you to purchase items or transfer funds in this manner.

As a reminder, the annual cybersecurity education assignment is now available in Pathways and must be completed by all employees by Oct. 31. Now’s a great time to take the course and help keep our ministry secure.