Congratulations to the 2021 Coworker Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to the coworkers who received the 2021 Coworker Scholarships.

This year, $110,500 was awarded to 55 coworkers pursuing higher education.

Furthering our education is one way we can improve ourselves. We try to provide encouragement to those wishing to do so, and when possible, provide assistance as well.

CHI St. Vincent Nursing Excellence Scholarship Honoring Dr. John C. Jones and Judy Johnson, RN
Bryan Onyekwelu
Kimberly Stone
Andrea Farmer

CHI St. Vincent Infirmary Auxiliary Nursing Excellence Scholarship
Shantel Johnson

Vogel Family Nursing Scholarship honoring Dean Kumpuris, M.D.
Diane Cooksey

Vogel Family Scholarships
Amanda Cerino
Amber DeLoach
Christina Edge
Ruairi Fox
Seth Hannahs
Tempest Harrison
Shaun Henderson Woods
Jacqueline Kendrick
Tiyonna King
Samantha McClard
Jasmine McDonald
Zelma Mooney-Miller
Mary Niotis
RaVonne Parker
Rebecca Perkins
Courtney Powell
Christina Robinson
Samantha Roeun
Kerztyn Samples
Robbie Snow
Stephanie Taylor
Franeika Thomas
Alexandra Thompson
Sheria Thompson
Nyesha Watson
Amber Whatley

CHI St. Vincent Coworker Scholarships
Stephanie Bailey
Chae Brewer
Victoria Cathey
Barbara Ellis-Erby
Elizabeth Galloway
Alison Gasaway
Crystal Gauldin
Chris Hoover
Angela House
Pam Keefover
Anna Kilpatrick
Carla Lewis
Jennifer Marshall
Khyati Patel
Angela Pike
Carolina Pineda
Daina Potter
Tierra Randall
Amy Richardson
Brad Sexton
Khadijah Smith
Caitlin Smithburg
Roger Swayze
Kassie Wishard