Coworkers Reminded to Stop at Temp Stations Upon Arrival

As we’ve traveled through the last several months with the latest surge of COVID-19 in Arkansas, it is time to realize we are in a state of emergency in the state. So, the importance behind daily temperature screenings and the mandatory masking we are doing at all our facilities is even more important than it has ever been.

The temperature screening stations are a regulatory requirement by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for all healthcare institutions as a preventive measure to ensure our coworkers and patients feel more confident in their safety while they are with us.

Our patients are reporting us to the Arkansas Department of Health when they see one of our coworkers who are not complying with getting temperature screened or wearing their mask appropriately. Our Quality and Safety department is getting more inquiries about our coworkers not being compliant than ever.

Please remember that everyone is required to stop at the temperature stations when they enter our facilities and get that day’s sticker that indicates they have been screened. If you do not have a sticker visible, you may be asked by your leader to return to the temperature screening station to get screened and get a sticker.

Remember to show humankindness by extending patience and grace to our temperature screeners, especially during high volume times, including shift change. Allow a few extra minutes to your arrival time to ensure you get through the station and are not rushed.

You are also encouraged to use the temperature Kiosks that are located at each of our facility entrances instead of waiting your turn with a screener. If you use the Kiosk, please make sure you still get your sticker for the day.

There will be an increased presence of members of hospital leadership working alongside security at our temperature screening stations to help our screeners ensure everyone makes it through the screening process.

Our ministry leadership greatly appreciates all our coworkers who are diligent about adhering to the masking policy and temperature screening process. As you know, we are facing challenging times right now due to increased patient volumes and a staffing shortage. By complying with the temperature screenings and mandatory masking policy, we can continue to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Other safety protocols to remember are to practice social distancing and hand hygiene as often as possible, and get vaccinated if you haven’t been.