Crystal Tosh Named Service Hero in Hot Springs

Crystal Tosh, a labor and delivery nurse in Hot Springs, was recognized as a Service Hero for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE and COMPASSION.

She was nominated by the husband of a patient, who had just given birth to their child. The birth was sudden and unplanned. Their family was out-of-town, and it was an emotional time.

There was one particular nurse that stood out to my wife and me.  I had been in continuous prayer that God would help ease the mind and emotions of my wife, and at shift change, He did.  From the first introduction, I knew that my/our prayers were being heard.  She was kind, well educated, understanding, well-spoken and extremely passionate in her job.  From her first visit in the room I watched the unsettling “what if’s” and nervousness leave my wife’s mind and began being replaced with confidence and surety.”

The nomination praised Crystal’s “selflessness and exuberant desire to go above her required duties as a nurse.”

Most anybody that has a job has been trained to do that particular job, but there is no way to teach experience or compassion. The lady I speak of is full of both. I have confidence that my wife, our daughter and I would be just fine had we never met her, but the comfort that she gave both my wife and child is something that I didn’t know how to offer and had yet to be received.