Dr. John Pabona Named Hot Springs Service Hero

Doctors see hundreds of patients, providing care for each of them. The really exceptional physicians have a way of providing the kind of care that make each patient feel as though they are their physician’s only patient. That’s the kind of care and attention Dr. John Pabona provides his patients. Here are some excerpts of his Service Hero nomination from a coworker:

“My elderly mother was brought in the ER complaining of chest pain. It was discovered that other issues were causing her discomfort. While awaiting a bed, I decided to tidy up some work. I got a call from Dr. Pabona, he asked which department I was in and if we had met. When I told him that we hadn’t, he said he wanted to meet me and within 30 minutes he arrived and introduced himself, explaining we were all family, gave me a rundown on my mom’s condition and gave me his cell phone number and invited me to call him any time.

During my mom’s stay, Dr. Pabona would pop into her room, bend down and offer an enthusiastic, “Good Morning!” She loved his energy. She said that he would do anything possible to help her. He listened to everything she had to say, was extremely patient, and never seemed to be in a hurry to leave her room and they he always tried to cheer her up. My brother said that he seemed to really care about our mom and encouraged all her family members to visit because he said we only have one mom. One sister said he treats us all like family and makes it a point to visit the room when we are there. I would tell mom, “your sunshine will be here soon.” He was such an energetic and positive presence. He lifted our spirits.”

Thank you Dr. Pabona for providing truly excellent and compassionate care!