Earn Up to $450 in Wellness Cash Until Sept. 30

The 2020 Wellness Program is ending soon, but there’s still time to earn wellness cash! Here are some activities you can complete to help you earn points before the program closes on Wednesday, Sept. 30:

  • Take the heart and lifestyle survey
  • Attend a wellness webinar and complete the short quiz
  • Meet with a lifestyle coach by phone
  • Volunteer

Discover more ways to earn wellness dollars by visiting your wellness website. Select ‘Rewards,’ then choose ‘My Rewards’ from the drop-down menu.

What’s Next? After you’ve earned your wellness dollars, you must redeem them by Saturday, Oct. 31, 2020. This means you need to visit your wellness website to allocate your wellness dollars, choosing either the Health Account contribution* and/or gift card(s).**

If you don’t take action to redeem them, you will lose them.

Questions? Contact Virgin Pulse Member Services at 833-721-4094, Monday
through Friday, 7am–7pm.

All benefits eligible employees as well as medical plan enrolled spouses are able to participate in the 2020 Wellness Program and earn up to $450 wellness dollars.

*Health Account Contributions are available to anyone enrolled in a CHI Medical Plan.
**Gift cards are available to anyone eligible for or enrolled in a CHI Medical Plan, are considered taxable wages and will be subject to income tax withholding and payroll taxes.