Hot Springs Cancer Center Receives American Cancer Society Award

Congratulations to the CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs Cancer Center for being recognized by the American Cancer Society. They were named the Screening Provider of the Year and received the Transportation Grant Recognition.

Our Cancer Center team set their sights on improving the lung cancer screening rates of patients in Hot Springs, and began by providing education about patient qualifications for the screenings within the health system. They also made changes to the referral process and performed community outreach to new patients.

In 2022, the efforts paid off with a 34% increase in lung screenings over the previous year!

This resulted in five new lung cancer cases being diagnosed. The chance of survival is greatly increased when lung cancer is found early.

Our Cancer Center team was also recognized for the impact made in Arkansas through the Patient Transportation Grant funds in 2022. This money went to assist local patients going to and from treatment with transportation needs.

Thank you to coworkers at the Cancer Center for all their great work!