Hot Springs Units Recognized for Preventing CLABSI

Providing the best patient care is a top goal at CHI St. Vincent, and reducing central line infections continues to be a priority to achieve that goal.

As a way to recognize that work that has been done while reminding coworkers of the importance of CLABSI prevention, Tony Houston and the leadership at Hot Springs recognized the units for the work they’ve done.

The unit results are:

  • 3W–3,274 days
  • 5W–500 days
  • 5E–495 days
  • 1E–434 days
  • SICU–341 days
  • MICU–298 days
  • 2E–281 days
  • 4E–269 days
  • 2W–146 days
  • Cath Lab–146 days
  • Pharmacy–146 days
  • EVS–146 days
  • Cath Lab–146 days

Lab–146 days