Jackie Cotton Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Jackie Cotton, a supervisor in the Emergency Department at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the values of REVERENCE and COMPASSION.

On a very cold night, a homeless man came to the Infirmary’s Emergency Department because he had been beaten up. He brought his dog and her three puppies in a shopping cart. He tied the dogs up to the post outside the ED while he received treatment for his injuries.

Upon hearing of this man and his dogs, Jackie went to Target and purchased dog food, sweaters for all of the dogs and clothing for the man. Before the man was discharged, Jackie and her coworkers lined the shopping cart with cardboard and a blanket to keep the dogs warm.

As the man was getting ready to leave, Jackie realized he had no shoes – only socks. Jackie took the shoes off of her feet and gave them to the man. The man told her she had blessed him that day. Jackie responded that she was blessed to be able to give him her shoes.

Jackie is well known to her coworkers as kind, compassionate and selfless. On this day, she again set an example for us all to live up to.