Join Today! The Mindful Exploration Step Challenge is Live

The Mindful Exploration Step Challenge is live and continues through Sept. 12!

What does mindfulness mean?
It’s about being aware of yourself and being present in the moment. The culture of CommonSpirit’s healing ministry grew out of the faith and practices of Catholic sisters and founders—many of whom dedicated their lives to prayer and service.

During this challenge, however, we celebrate our commitment to diversity and demonstrate our value of inclusion by exploring the mindfulness practices beyond the Catholic tradition. You’ll be going around the world learning about them. Get ready because it’s almost time to step!

You can join teams of 5 or compete individually as a “team of one,” so it’s time to get moving! Whether by treadmill, stair climbing or outdoor walks, it all counts! Find an open team or make a new one with your work friends. Together, you’ll be more motivated to step it up and get active. Track and motivate your team on the Challenge Leaderboard! Once the challenge begins, start tracking and check your progress along the way. 

How to Earn MyWellness points:

  • Join the company challenge to earn 500 points.
  • Track steps once per week for all weeks of the challenge to earn 500 points.
  • Post a chat comment at least once per week (for all the weeks of the challenge) to earn 250 points.
  • Unlock a destination in the challenge to earn 125 points.
  • Reach a challenge goal (individual thresholds – 140,000 Steps) to earn 500 points.

How to join:

  • Visit MyWellness
  • Go to Social and click Challenges
  • Select the Mindful Exploration Challenge
  • Set your personal goal that you will work to achieve throughout the challenge

Looking for more information? Visit the Mindful Exploration FAQ.