Linda McNutt Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Linda McNutt was named a Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Linda was walking outside the chapel when she noticed a lady in distress. When Linda asked if she was okay, the woman said she was in a great deal of pain. Linda said she would get a wheelchair. Another employee came and said he would get the wheelchair.

While they were waiting, Linda went into the chapel and got a chair for the woman. Other coworkers came by, and one of the Clinical Directors talked to the woman and learned she was a patient who just finished outpatient oncology procedures. She refused a visit to the ED and her family took her home.

Linda showed great compassion to a visitor in our home. She made sure the patient’s immediate need was taken care of. Linda is a great example of a coworker who lives our values and mission.