Little Actions Make a Big Spiritual Impact

The following story was featured in the Spring 2019 issue of the OneSpirit Magazine.

Kind, generous and hardworking – that’s how coworkers describe David Cole, clinical laboratory scientist in Hot Springs. David started working in hospitals when he was just 17 years old and has served in many roles, including direct patient care, basic research in an anatomy lab and biochemistry research. He found that working in a clinical lab versus as a researcher brought him a greater sense of satisfaction because he could see the fruits of his labor.

“I really liked seeing that my work was being applied directly and had an impact on patients’ daily lives,” says David. “The versatility of working in the lab makes every day different – it’s always changing.”  

David is a perfect example of how little actions can have a big influence on those around you. He’s been recognized on two separate occasions as a Service Hero for compassion and excellence, including for working 16 hours straight to help manage a trauma situation that required mass transfusions. Although he doesn’t see that his actions are out of the ordinary, his attitude and efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by his coworkers.

When asked what role spirituality plays in his everyday life, David credits his family – including his parents and grandparents – for instilling in him the values of hard work and a clear sense of doing what’s right, even if no one is looking.

“Science is so complex and interrelated. You can look at a chemistry profile and see how the parts are deeply interconnected. For a system to work like that, there has to be divine intervention. As humans, we’re like that too – we’re connected,” he says. “That’s why doing something as small as scraping windshields can have such a profound effect. I believe small kindnesses can have this ripple effect and change us personally and those we interact with every day.”