Living Our Value of Excellence

After you have written how you live our value of excellence, be sure to email the picture to

When you think of being an excellent coworker, what do you think about? Zero hospital borne infections? AIDET? Or is it something else like always greeting everyone with a smile and eye contact?

Our Values in Action team is recognizing our coworkers who display the value of excellence this quarter. They are beginning by handing out fliers for coworkers to fill out how they pursue excellence in their jobs every day. Want a few of these fliers for your department? They are order-able on the Print Portal by searching “ILOM-14” or by contacting your local Values in Action Team member (listed below).

We often think about excellence as something that we won’t ever achieve, but through hard work, sweat, tears, and years of compassionate care, our coworkers show that excellence is possible.

Coworkers who have these handouts:

Hot Springs – Megan Cotten or Adam Jarrett
Morrilton – John Hopkins
North – Brent Reichenbach
Infirmary – Cindy Goza, Karolyn Thompson or Matt Harmes