OR, ED, Lab and ICU Receive Team Service Award in Hot Springs

They say it takes a village to raise a child, well in this case, it took a team to save one. The OR, ED, Lab and ICU at Hot Springs received a Service Award for Excellence. Their quick thinking and action saved a 16 year old trauma patient with a GSW. The nomination was received from a letter from the patient’s mother.

Please express my deepest thanks to the staff and surgeon who saved my son.

This patient arrived to Hot Springs, went quickly to OR and then was flown to ACH. At the time of the nomination he was still in ICU on a vent, was receiving dialysis and was hanging on. Although exhausted from an around-the-clock vigil at his side, his family remains confident he will survive. They are so proud of everyone that was involved in his care. He would not have survived without the quick, knowledgeable and decisive action of the team that cared for him.