Learn to Slow Down in the Latest Well-being Challenge

The Top of Mindfulness Challenge is live!

During the challenge, participants can earn well-being cash while learning tips to slow down and be still.

The challenge continues through Sunday, Sept. 13.

Mindfulness is a way to quiet your mind and take a break from the events around you. It’s about slowing down and being present in the moment. Being mindful helps reduce stress and anxiety, so you can think more clearly. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and focusing only on your breathing or trying a yoga pose.

For this challenge, set a goal for how many mindful minutes you’ll do each week. Once the challenge begins, start tracking and check your progress along the way!

Earning Rewards: Earn $20 wellness dollars for tracking all weeks of the challenge. Earn another $30 wellness dollars for reaching 100% of your goal.

To Register: Visit the wellness website and select ‘challenges’ from the top menu options. Click on the Top of Mindfulness Challenge and set your personal goal for the challenge.

Questions? Click here to read the Challenge FAQs.

Get started: Not sure where to start? Visit the well-being website and search ‘Whil’ under Programs and listen to one of the guided meditations provided.

Learn more about mindfulness by watching the latest Well-being Wednesday. Click here to access the meeting. Password: 2Dxpee=Y