Volunteer to be a Google Guide by Oct. 30

Early in 2021, all of CommonSpirit Health – including CHI St. Vincent – will upgrade to a single email, calendaring and business tools platform called Google Workspace. This will make it easier to work and collaborate with everyone across the ministry using the same version of email and calendars, documents, spreadsheets and presentations. By using Google Workspace, we will experience greater flexibility and simplicity.

Our dedicated CommonSpirit Get Going with Google project team is developing a plan for our move to Google Workspace from Microsoft Office and Outlook. Their goal is to make it a seamless experience, supported by training and assistance for everyone.

But our team can’t do it alone – we also need help from enthusiastic CommonSpirit employees who want to learn Google Workspace and assist their peers when we go live ministry-wide on Feb. 22, 2021. We call these volunteers “Google Guides.”

Our Google Guides will come from various locations and functions throughout our ministry. They will gain access to Google Workspace several weeks before others so they can gain experience and confidence with the new applications. Guides will also receive special training and updates from the project team to learn the new applications for email, calendar and contacts.

When the rest of the organization migrates to Google Workspace, Google Guides will help reinforce training and offer hands-on assistance to their peers as they get up and running in the new platform. Google Guides will also be expected to provide feedback to the project team about their early migration experience. This input will be critical to help us finalize the roll-out approach for all employees.

Sound interesting? Check out these next steps:

  1. Please review the FAQs for important Google Guide program details.
  2. Talk to your manager about your interest in volunteering for this role. Manager approval is required to become a Google Guide.
  3. After you obtain your manager’s approval, log into EmployeeCentral and access the Google Guide Nomination form by scrolling to the Employee Quicklinks section on the bottom left side of your homepage. All registration forms must be submitted by Oct. 30.
    • NOTE: If you are not a CommonSpirit employee (i.e., contractor) but still interested, please ask your manager to submit a nomination on your behalf. If you encounter any issues, please contact the Get Going with Google program team at gworkspace@commonspirit.org.
  4. If you have a team member in mind for this role, you can also nominate them by logging into EmployeeCentral and accessing the Google Guide Nomination form in the Employee Quicklinks section. Be sure to indicate in the first question of the form whether you are filling out the form for yourself or to nominate someone else.

    Note: If you do not use EmployeeCentral, click here to volunteer or nominate a team member after talking about it and obtaining manager approval.