Beth Estell Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Beth Estell was recognized as an Infirmary Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Beth was nominated by a patient’s spouse for the quick care she provided.

The patient, who has COPD, was walking from front lobby to the Radiology Department. He did not have portable oxygen and ran out of air walking the long hall.

“Ms. Beth was walking down the hall and noticed he was starting to sweat and was stumbling against the wall. She stopped what she was doing or wherever she was headed and came back with a wheelchair.”

Beth brought the patient to Radiology, got oxygen for him and made sure he was feeling better before leaving his side.

“She deserves this award. She could have kept walking, but she didn’t. She stopped and helped us, and it means the world to us both. This was our very first visit to St. Vincent, but I can tell you she will be the reason we will use this hospital again.”

The nomination went on to thank Beth’s service, calling her a ‘hero’ for her selfless act.

“If I could say a personal thank you to her, I would. If I had extra money to give her, I would. That lady went above and beyond her duty to help a stranger in need. She never batted an eye at helping. Please tell her she is a very special lady, and if she ever has a doubt if she has changed someone’s life or been a hero, today was her day she did both!