Action Required Today & Tomorrow for All Central Arkansas Employees

Tomorrow, February 28, Google Workspace will prompt you to set up Okta Verify on your phone in order to access your Google Gmail, Chat, Calendar, Docs, etc. In preparation today, please review the information below and plan for a few extra minutes tomorrow morning in order to successfully sign in to your Gmail account.

Action Required Today:

Action Required Tomorrow:

  • The first time you log in to Google on or after 9 a.m. on February 28, you will be required to enroll your phone* with Okta Verify.

*use of personal mobile device is optional, not required

  • Self-registration will take approximately 10  minutes or less and is only required once. 
  • After your enrollment is complete, the use of either Okta Verify or Duo will likely only be necessary when working remotely or off the network.


  • Please do NOT delete Duo on your phone. You will still use Duo to log in to some systems and applications. You will use Okta Verify to log in to Gmail, Employee Central and IT Support Center.
  • Over the next few months, the systems and applications you sign in to will gradually switch over from Duo to Okta Verify. Please enroll your phone with Okta Verify on February 28 to avoid any potential account access disruptions in the future. 

Okta Verify Support Center:

Need a helping hand? Reach out for live support from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. MT. Connect via this Zoom link. Call-in: 720-928-9299. Meeting ID: 921 9406 8372. Password: 875346

Frequently asked questions

I already use Duo to log in to my accounts. Do I still need Okta Verify?

Yes. Okta Verify is an additional tool that you will need in order to access your Google Workspace (Gmail, Chat, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, etc.), Zoom and Employee Central accounts. You will still use Duo to log in to some systems and applications. Enrolling in Okta Verify will not impact your access to applications using Duo.

How will I know which applications require Duo or Okta Verify? When do they switch?

Okta Verify will be gradually implemented into applications over the next few months. Please continue to use Duo until the application prompts you to log in with Okta Verify. For central Arkansas staff, both Gmail and Employee Central switch to Okta Verify on February 28.

What if I don’t get a prompt on February 28 to enroll in Okta Verify?

Ask for help in a chat with Ida, CommonSpirit’s new personal digital assistant in the IT Support Center. Ida can guide you through the transition from Duo to Okta Verify. Once logged in to the IT Support Center portal, look for the Ida chat button. When the chat starts, type Set up Okta Verify. 

You can also try the Zoom support line (above) for assistance or call the IT Help Desk:

  • Dignity Health Service Desk: 888-307-0222
  • Catholic Health Service Desk: 866-236-0441

Does Okta Verify have a mobile app I can add to my phone?

Like Duo, Okta Verify offers a mobile app that can be downloaded on your personal phone if you prefer to sign in using a push notification. Please make sure to download the correct app called Okta Verify, not Okta Mobile.