CommonSpirit 2026 Will Serve As Strategic Roadmap for Ministry

CommonSpirit Health has introduced its first strategic roadmap, CommonSpirit 2026. It focuses the ministry’s effort and attention in three key areas: Our People, Our Excellence and Our Future and emphasizes the collective contributions of everyone across our ministry as the true drivers of the ministry’s success. 

CommonSpirit 2026 celebrates effort and progress and invites every member of our ministry to see their work reflected in our success and our future.

More than 400 leaders, from every division and every function across the ministry, have contributed to CommonSpirit 2026. Its development has been led by CEO Lloyd Dean and championed by our Board of Stewardship Trustees.

A few highlights of CommonSpirit 2026:

Our People: CommonSpirit’s first priority has always been your safety and well-being. That will never change. Going forward we will prioritize professional development by embracing new care models, investing in new technologies, and providing you with the opportunities and tools you need to be your best.

Our Excellence: CommonSpirit’s vision of “a healthier future for all” requires an unwavering commitment to the highest standards of clinical quality and innovation. What’s more, we intend to lead our industry in the advancement of health equity among diverse communities. All of this requires a rock-solid financial foundation, which we will build through continuous improvements in our operational excellence.

Our Future: As the nation’s largest nonprofit health system, we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to help shape America’s health care landscape. CommonSpirit 2026 accepts that responsibility, and leans into that opportunity. It challenges us to take a leadership role in creating a more patient-centered care experience, a broader continuum of care, and a more integrated model of care delivery.

You will hear more about CommonSpirit 2026 over the next several months, specifically what CHI St. Vincent is doing to help the ministry meet its strategic goals.

Message from CommonSpirit CEO Lloyd Dean
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