Alesa Garner Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

Alesa Garner, program coordinator for the New Outlook Cancer Recovery Program, was recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Alesa was nominated for quickly stepping in to help out with COVID-19 screenings earlier this year.

Alesa worked the screening stations at the onset of restricted visitation, and came in very early to open the physicians’ entrance to check temperatures for coworkers.

Alesa has a natural ability for organizing events and working through the details, and after about six weeks, she was asked to oversee the screening process.

“She arrives early every day and is often seen screening in any of the needed stations. She makes sure all the areas are stocked with masks, gloves and proper screening tools. She has taught many people the proper way to screen to keep all coworkers, patients and visitors safe.”

The nomination notes Alesa’s attention to detail and willingness to help is nothing new.

Alesa always goes above and beyond in any role she takes on. She took it upon herself to transport patients to surgery when they did not know the way. She is always kind and the chat between the lobby and surgical area undoubtedly calms some fears along the way.

“Alesa is always smiling, kind and absolutely one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. She has a keen eye for reading situations and makes those she serves feel safe and loved.”