Andrea Clark Wins DAISY Award

Congratulations Andrea Clark, RN, for being presented with the DAISY Award!

Andrea works in the Hot Springs Emergency Department was nominated by a patient’s family member.

The visitor said her husband was very ill and they had to wait several hours until all of his tests were read and a plan was put into place.

She said Andrea was aware of their extended wait and the patient’s weariness and fatigue.

“She was so supportive and kind, reassuring that all was well and we could be released soon. She saw to his every need and was patient and kind.”

When the final paperwork was being prepared for his release, the visitor said Andrea refused to let them pay the copay of $95. She insisted on taking care of that!

“This gesture was unexpected and over the top. We will always remember this time in our lives (my husband is 85 years old).”