Annie McWilliams Recognized as Hot Springs Service Hero

Annie McWilliams, RN, was recognized as a Service Hero in Hot Springs for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Annie was nominated for being an “extraordinary nurse,” full of compassion, love and gratitude for her job.

But one interaction, in particular, stood out for the coworker who nominated Annie. A patient Annie’s unit had cared for several times was being admitted again. This patient had been in a motor vehicle accident years ago that left her bedridden and in agony.

The patient “has the kindest heart I know, next to Annie.  Anytime our team sees this patient being admitted, our hearts break all over again.”

When Annie found out that this patient was being admitted for possibly the last time, she wanted to do something special. 

Annie, a classically trained musician, brought her violin to work to play for the patient. She went into the patient’s room, told her she had a surprise and asked her to close her eyes. She then began playing beautiful hymns, which immediately brought our patient to tears. 

“The patient was speechless that someone took the time to share such a precious moment just for her. After playing the most beautiful songs, Annie knelt down forehead-to-forehead with the patient, and they both cried. It moved us all to tears, and it was the most beautiful moment I have ever witnessed.”