Barbara Halford Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Barbara Halford, a planning associate at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Barbara was nominated for helping a man she noticed in the Infirmary’s lobby, looking around anxiously.

She asked him how she could help. Although he was primarily Spanish-speaking, she was able to understand that he had chest pain and noticed he was breathing rapidly. He also said he had vomited several times. He had a bottle of unmarked pills that she asked him about, and he said they were for his heart.

No one was at the information desk, so Barbara called the operator, relaying the problem. The operator called a first aid response team who arrived quickly, and security took him to the ED. There was some difficulty with communication, but he spoke just enough English to get the message across.

On her way back through the lobby, Barbara encountered a younger Hispanic man, also looking around for help. She asked if she could help. He spoke almost no English at all, so Barbara used Google translate to determine he was a friend or relative of the man she had helped earlier. She took the man down to the ED and translated until they got him back to see his friend/relative.

In addition to solving the immediate problem, Barbara provided several well thought out suggestions for improving service to our patients who are non-English speaking.

Barbara has helped patients in the past as well. This is the most recent example. Her past experience as a Physical Therapist allows her to make quick assessments and decisions to ensure our patients get to the care they need rapidly and safely.