Congratulations Hannah Gurney for winning a DAISY Award

Congratulations Hannah Gurney, RN, North, for being recognized as a DAISY Award winner!

Hannah was nominated by a patient for exemplifying all of our core values and did so in a way that sets an example for others.

The patient was at the hospital for back surgery and wasn’t able to do much for themselves. They said having a nurse like Hannah who was willing to go the extra mile and bring positivity was as essential to their care as any medication they could be given.

Hannah even did the little things that made the patient’s experience even better. The patient said Hannah brought her a diet Coke to replace the diet Pepsi that a friend had brought them because Hannah knew the patient preferred diet Coke.

The patient described Hannah as positive, uplifting and a team player.

“Hannah has exemplified your core values and done so in a way that it sets the example for others. She is able to lead others in a caring way that makes them want to help.”