Denise Petersen Recognized as Infirmary Service Hero

Denise Peterson, who works on 4W at the Infirmary, was recognized as a Service Hero for the displaying the value of COMPASSION.

Denise was nominated by a coworker for the kindness she showed to a recent patient.

The coworker saw Denise in the cafeteria and noted that she was taking her lunch break late in the shift. Denise said her newest patient had not eaten since the previous morning, and she went to the cafeteria to get something for them.

“She showed such kindness and compassion in this act. I stated that it was very sweet of her to do this, and she replied, ‘I just thought that if it was my husband or family member, I would want them to be offered food.’” That is how we should all be treating our patients. Denise has always displayed this level of kindness and generosity in the many years I have worked with her.”