Infirmary Celebrates Daryl White as Service Hero

Congratulations Daryl White, Food and Nutrition Services, for being honored as an Infirmary Service Hero.

Daryl was nominated by a patient for the award.

The patient said they were “NPO,” meaning “nothing by mouth” for a procedure.

After the procedure they were told they could eat a regular diet, but unfortunately after they tried eating, they threw up.

They called the kitchen to see if someone could bring them something they could eat. The patient said the lady on the phone said it was too late, but was able to get the supervisor, Daryl, on the phone.

Daryl took the patient’s order, made their tray, and delivered it to them personally.

“He made sure everything was okay before he left. I wish everyone showed as much compassion as Daryl. This type of customer service should be recognized.”