Infirmary CVSD Team Recognized as Service Heroes

The Infirmary’s CVSD team members were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

The team was nominated by the spouse of a patient who was admitted with significant carotid artery blockage.

“All of the staff for our entire stay was excellent. My husband’s first surgery was right after the CTA showed the extent of the problem. All the staff – not just from the unit, but from PreOp – descended on our room to get my husband ready for surgery. And they all presented with a cool, calm, reassuring demeanor.”

The patient’s spouse wrote that the “pleasant, relaxing attitude” of the team allowed her husband to remain calm before going into surgery.

“The crowning moment was when the anesthesiologist asked if he could say a prayer with us! I knew right then we were exactly where we should be.”