Lacey Dickerson, Johnny Freeman, Amy Hughes & Atasha Mitchell Recognized as Service Heroes

Lacey Dickerson, Johnny Freeman, Amy Hughes and Atasha Mitchell, coworkers in Hot Springs, were recognized as Service Heroes for displaying the value of COLLABORATION.

The four work in different areas of the hospital but were recognized for their quick-thinking and teamwork in caring for a patient.

Lacey Dickerson from EVS got on the elevator at the same time Johnny Freeman, who works in radiology, was transporting a patient back to her room from CT. When they began exiting the elevator, the patient started choking and vomiting.

Johnny quickly put his hand under the patient’s head and held it up while Lacey grabbed his phone, so he could call the Med Surg Unit. As he was calling, Lacey helped push the patient onto the floor.

Atasha Mitchell, RN, and Amy Hughes, PCT, on Med Surg met them in the hallway and began caring for the patient. Johnny continued to hold the patient’s head as they ran down the hall, so the patient could be treated.

All four of them stayed by the patient’s side the whole time, making sure the patient was safe. They came quickly and attended to the patient as needed.