McKinzie Wright Named Service Hero at the Infirmary

McKinzie Wright, who works in patient care at the Infirmary, was named a Service Hero for displaying the value of COMPASSION.

McKinzie was recognized as a Service Hero for the care and compassion she showed a recent patient.

Earlier this year, a young woman came into the ED with her infant daughter. The mother was showing flu-like symptoms and was struggling to handle her daughter. McKinizie quickly stepped in to help the mother.

McKinzie cared for the child while the mother was treated and continued watching the child during the discharge process, allowing the young mother time to rest. The mother thanked McKinzie throughout her entire visit and gave her a huge hug before she departed.

This is just one example of the level of compassion and commitment that Mckinzie has shown to her patients. To her, it’s just doing her job, to me it shows that she truly loves people and exhibits St. Vincent core values.