Earn Cash Now in the 2022 MyWellness Program

The MyWellness program is dedicated to helping each of us be kind to ourselves–by inspiring us, supporting our well-being and providing rewards as helpful motivators.

Participants can earn up to $450 for completing healthy activities, like mindfulness sessions, volunteering, sleep improvement, healthy eating and tracking physical activity.

This new program is available to all full-time and part-time employees and PRNs who have worked 1,000 hours or more in the prior calendar year.

How it Works

To get started, visit the MyBenefits tab on EmployeeCentral, then click on the Well-being Programs tab and select View MyWellness Website.

Participants will earn their first 100 MyWellness Points just for completing your MyWellness website registration. By completing all the activities described in Level 1, participants will earn 2,000 MyWellness Points, which is a $75 reward.

Earn 5,000 more points (for a total of 7,000) to reach Level 2–a $100 reward. Reach all four levels to earn the maximum of $450 in rewards for the 2022 program year.

Redeeming Points

After earning rewards, participants can redeem points for gift cards to popular retailers, including Target, Amazon and Home Depot, or direct the money to a Health Savings Account.

Participants can continue to earn points through October and must redeem their points by the end of November. The resources on the MyWellness site will continue to be available after November, but points cannot be earned or redeemed.

A new period to earn and redeem points will begin in January 2023.