Rachel Walka-Farnam named Hot Springs Service Hero

Congratulations Rachel Walka-Farnam, Unit Coordinator, Oncology/Renal, for being named a Hot Springs service hero!

Rachel was nominated by a coworker for her creation of the ‘Jar of Hearts.’

At CHI St. Vincent Hot Springs, coworkers want to make the end of life transition a meaningful experience, not only for the patient, but for the family as well.

When patients are admitted to hospice on 2 West, staff will take an EKG strip of the patient’s heartbeat. The strip is then put into a jar labeled with the patient’s named. This ‘Jar of Hearts’ helps families cope with their loss and they’re gifted with a special memory they can keep forever.

Rachel was the mastermind behind this special gift. She did this because of life experiences and things she wished she would have had to remember her own loved ones, especially her father.

“Rachel Walka-Farnam has shown such a compassionate and caring spirit for these patients and families, and we are so proud to celebrate her and this beautiful gesture!”