Shelly Simpson Named Service Hero at Infirmary

Shelly Simpson was recognized as a Service Hero at the Infirmary for displaying the value of EXCELLENCE.

Shelly works in dietary services and was nominated by a coworker in behavioral health for the kindness and caring she brings to her job.

“Our patients look forward to meal services because they know Shelly is accompanying the food. She knows a majority of our reoccurring patients by name. She is attentive to their eating habits and preferences.”

The nomination noted Shelly’s knack for closely observing patients’ dietary preferences, so they can continue to get healthy.

“Recently, one of our patient had a poor appetite, and refused to eat. She noticed that the patient did not like drinking Ensure from a cup, and she suggested to give it to the patient from the plastic bottle. The patient drank it! On another occasion, Shelly noticed a patient eating only ham and tomatoes from his salad. At the next meal, Shelly brought the patient diced ham and tomatoes, and he ate it.

“I feel that Shelly deserves recognition because she goes above and beyond to meet the needs of our patient on the behavioral health unit.”